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Nacogdoches has been home to my family for several generations. My grandfather used to tell me stories of him and his uncle riding to town on the horse and buggy. He chuckled, “You had to make sure you were home by dark because horses don’t have headlights.” That man passed on his love for the land and livestock, and my grandma blessed me with her love and expertise in nurturing the plants and the soil. They say she could make a plant grow out of concrete if she wanted to. I believe it. All this to say, the Pineywoods flow deep within my veins. For many years, I have struggled to understand the world we live in. Like many people, I find it easier to complain about the problems than to try to do something about them. Counter Culture Farms is a response to the death and dying, the sickness and decay we face every day. Instead of complaining, we decided to raise the healthiest and tastiest beef possible. In the beginning, all life came from the soil. In the end, all life will return to the soil. The soil is our focus. Heal the soil, heal the people. When the soil is healthy and thriving, the plants flourish. When the plants are full of life, the animals are filled with life. When the animals are full of life, they share their abundance with us in this sacred dance. The healing starts with the soil, and we are bringing the abundance to your table.

We work with the land to regenerate the soil and raise the most nutrient-dense beef available. We work with nature, not against.

We do not spray herbicides or pesticides on our land. We use rotational grazing to mimic nature. This gives the land rest, and the cattle get to eat fresh forage left untouched since the last grazing.

We plant multiple forage species to give our cattle a balanced diet. Instead of eating only one type of grass, they eat a mixture of summer and winter annuals and perennials.

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