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Vikingland Enterprises Organic Breads, Therapeutic Spa Pillows, and Pure Maple Syrup.

Steve and Joyce Goranson

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In the early 70’s, when everyone was recovering from the decade of the 60’s, we were just getting started in our marriage, and Joyce had to confess with some embarrassment that she didn’t know how to cook anything with the exception of a good poached egg. That led to many years of seeking to rectify that one little flaw in her life by enlisting the aid of many a good mentor and much trial and error. With nine children and a limited budget, she became a master gardener growing much of the family’s food, (while Steve and the children would hunt to fill the freezer with venison) and helping to raise the occasional steer and batch of chickens. By the time we had moved to Texas in 2012 she had advanced to grinding her own wheat and making organic breads. After sampling some of her wares, which she enjoyed giving to people, a friend suggested that she should try selling them at the local farmer’s market. After humble beginnings she found a number of recipes that proved to be popular, adding gluten-free breads at the suggestion of a few customers. At the same time, she added therapeutic spa pillows that she had already been making for gifts eventually including her matted “What’s In A Name”.  Another item we had been ordering for many years when we lived in Minnesota was pure maple syrup from our Wisconsin neighbors. When we came to Texas, we were wondering how we would continue to get this “liquid gold” that we used in everything, including her organic breads. After finding that there was interest with our new friends in Nacogdoches, we made arrangements to have it shipped to us in a 55-gallon drum which we tap for customers who come to our house with their own containers to experience the golden goodness we have enjoyed for so many years. We jugged the few gallons we had left over and have recently been making them available at Farmer’s Market. The things we most enjoy about the market are connecting with people, many of whom have become close friends, and hearing their expressions of appreciation as they come back again and again. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088194790109

Vikingland Ent. – Joyce and Steve Goranson

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