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Polve’s Organic Farm is located near Minden, Texas. It is operated by Kinney and Vicky Polve. Our focus is on growing organically, using what is known as the Deep Organic Method. Our focus is also on educating the gardening community. Our YouTube channel is called “Gardening Simplified.” We offer you an opportunity to see how and where the produce you are buying is grown. From start to finish! From planting the seeds to harvesting the vegetables. Our goal is not only to grow produce for sale, but also to encourage more people to become home gardeners. All organic vegetable and fruit are not created equal. At Polve’s Organic Farm we concentrate on building healthy soil, not just adding organic fertilizer to feed our plants, as is common with most organic grower. You might wonder why does this matter. When you concentrate on building heathy soil, you improve the soil microbiology which leads the healthier plants. In normal plant growth, the microbes break down the soil, so the nutrients are easily absorbed by the roots. This means that many of the micronutrients found in the soil are also broken down and made available in a form the plants can absorb. These are not provided in most of the organic fertilizer on the market. Most of our produce is grown using the NO-Till Method. This is an environmentally friendly method that does not disturb the soil structure and microbiology. So, there are no carbon emission from the use of power equipment. We use compost and natural organic fertilizer purchased locally. It is better for our crops, and better for our local economy.

   Unlike organic produce from the grocery store, our produce is fresh. It is grown locally, so it does not spend its time in a refrigerated truck being transported across the country. Most is picked the day before it goes to the market, and some is picked that very morning. This greatly improves the quality. Also, because of our growing method, the flavor is far superior. Since we are a small-scale local grower, we can offer varieties that the commercial growers cannot. They select varieties that will ship well and not ensue damage in transport. They also pick their product before it has reached its peak flavor. We not only harvest when the produce is at its peak, we choose varieties for the quantity of their flavor. Our goal is to grow of good selection of different varieties. Some of which are only enjoyed by the home gardener.

   All our plants are grown from seed right here on the farm. This gives us the opportunity to grow a much wider variety of vegetable. We plant many of the local area favorites, but we include many other varieties for their special traits. Many for their antioxidants which offer great health benefits. We also offer a variety of fig trees and elderberry bushes in the Spring.

   We also make Pine Needle Baskets, Custom Silver Jewelry, and Beautiful Knife Handles.

   Stop by our booth at the Nacogdoches Farmers Market and taste the difference. We are always happy the answer any of your gardening questions.

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Kinney and Vicky Polve

Booth 15

Polve’s Organic Farm

Henderson, TX United States 75654