Welcome to the Nacogdoches Farmer’s Market

The Market is located at the old “hitch lot” in historic downtown Nacogdoches, at 107 Pearl Street. We are open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, YEAR ROUND!

We are a producers market! All produce is grown within a 90-mile radius of our market. We inspect each farmer each quarter they are at market… including pictures. This lets us say to you… YES this is LOCAL!! We think it matters.

Farmers Markets are about more than food, more than farmers, more than “buy local”. Farmers markets are about building communities and building relationships. They are about looking each other in the eye. They are about people more than product. Farmers markets help tear down barriers and build relationships. They give a community… heart. Lynn Jones

Our vendors sell home-grown, home-made, and hand-crafted items. Look for fresh, local vegetables and fruits, canned goods, goat milk soap, baked goods, local wines, locally grown meat, eggs, honey, jewelry, and so much more! You will usually find live music, chalk, bubbles, neighbors, and children’s activities.  See you there!

Currently ACCEPTING Produce Vendor Applications!

Consider becoming a produce vendor at our Nacogdoches Farmers Market, whether you grow lots of produce or grow a little too much produce! Click the link below to download the application.

Agriculture Application 2023

For more information, call 936-615-3050 or email: nacogdochesfarmersmarket@gmail.com.

If you are interested in being a produce vendor….
please read the letter below and the application before filling it out!!

Dear Valued Produce Growers,

We need to have a chat.

Our produce growers are the backbone of our market. This is not a craft market or a prepared food market, it is a farmers market, and our produce growers are of infinite importance to us. We recognize that there is a lot of pressure and stress on you. There are factors with which you need to contend that bakers and coffee brewers will never face.

With these pressures come temptations. We all know of markets that are considered essentially re-sellers markets, and we all get frustrated when people refer to —- as a “farmers Market.” The truth is that we absolutely cannot afford to develop a reputation as a re-sellers market. Reselling without specific and limited permission from the market board absolutely, positively, will never be tolerated. It does not matter who the vendor is, what kind of reputation they have, or how we feel about the vendor as a person. If we learn that someone is reselling without specific permission, they will be asked to leave the market. Rumors will not get you kicked out, but if we are not able to verify that someone is actually not growing what they say they are growing, they will not be allowed to remain at the market.

Practically speaking what does this mean?  If you are growing something that might raise eyebrows due to the season in which it is typically grown, document what you are doing and present this to us BEFORE bringing it to market. If you are selling tomatoes, zucchini, or watermelon in January, we better see a green house set up. The same goes for lettuce or strawberries in August or peaches in November.

And yes, you can expect inspections. We will inspect each agriculture vendor each quarter… or growing season as appropriate. Inspections will be posted in the display case.

Not because we do not trust you, but because when someone comes to us and says “how do you know?” we will be prepared to tell them exactly how we have developed the trust that we have in our produce vendors.

Reminders – Leasing land is one thing. Buying and reselling is something else. If you have a neighbor growing something… talk to us about the co-op option. There are also VERY limited times we allow re-selling of local produce, but it is a narrow set of rules and you MUST have permission from the board. If we approve it you will be given a sign that MUST BE posted with the produce.

We have a great market. Let’s keep it that way.

Nacogdoches Farmers Market

Board of Directors

If you are interested in becoming an artisan vendor please use this application.

Value Added (non-ag) Application 2023

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