The mission of the Nacogdoches Farmers Market is to ensure that fresh, locally grown produce and products are available at a publicly convenient location, to inform and educate the consumer on healthy food selections, and to give the local farmers and artisans the opportunity to provide quality food products and hand-crafted products to the public, ensuring a sustainable community by positively contributing to the local economy.

Nacogdoches Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are about more than food, more than farmers, more than “buy local”. Farmers markets are about building communities and building relationships. They are about looking each other in the eye. They are about people more than product. Farmers markets help tear down barriers and build relationships. They give a community… heart.

What We’re About

Our farmers come from within a 90-mile radius of Nacogdoches. With such a variety of farmers, our market is able to offer a wide selection of specialty produce while maintaining local quality.

Small batch crafting is important to the Market. Come out and support your local bee population every Saturday.

Consider becoming a produce vendor at our Nacogdoches Farmers Market, whether you grow lots of produce or grow a little too much produce!

Experience Community

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107 Pearl St.
Nacogdoches, Texas 75961