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We are a family-owned small business that produces honey in the East Texas area.  We are non-migratory beekeepers, our bees stay in East Texas all year, pollinating local forests and meadows and making some of the most distinctive honey from these sources.  

Our passion is to be wise stewards of one of the most amazing insects in God’s Creation, the honey bee. Our bees stay in East Texas at one of our local apiaries year round.  We do not ship them across the country to pollinate commercial ag crops.  

We harvest some of the honey produced each year leaving the bees enough to overwinter on.  This sustainable management tool helps us control swarming and produce honey from our hives for our customers. We do not heat treat our honey like many big commercial and overseas packers often do, so the natural enzymes remain intact.  We also do not pressure filter our honey, so the natural particles of propolis, wax, and pollen remain in our honey.  People with allergies often find raw honey to be helpful.  We also never add anything to our honey like corn syrup.

We process our own bees wax from our hive cappings after the honey harvest.  This golden aromatic wax is perfect for products like lip balms, hand lotions, beard balms, hair care products, and other skin care products.  Those with allergies particularly find natural bees wax products to be therapeutic.  

We also make our natural bees wax into candles.  Unlike the petroleum-based candles, these candles burn with minimum smoke and are helpful in reducing indoor air contaminants.

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We are members of: The American Honey Producers AssociationAmerican Beekeeping Federation, and The Texas Beekeepers Association http://www.wildhurstapiaries.com

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